PITT 2017 will take place on:

 Friday April, 21st

Saturday April, 22d

Sunday April, 23rd

The tournament will be held at the club Centre Arthur Ashe, in Montreuil and will be played on 12 indoor hard courts.

Between two matches, players can have a drink or lunch in the club house.

Saturday evening will be the opportunity to discover players as partygoers during the dinner, followed by the traditional PITT show and a disco.

 The organizing team is looking forward to seeing you.

GLTA Rules : http://glta.net/tournament-rules-0

All singles and doubles matches will be played over the best of three sets with a tie-break at 6-6 in the first and second sets. If the first two sets are split, a super-tie break (first to ten with a winning margin of two points or more) will replace a third set.

The GLTA Divisional Standards with the equivalent ratings by country : http://www.glta.net/rankings