Paris International Tennis Paris will be played at Arthur Ashe Center, in Montreuil, which borders the city of Paris. Main draws and consolations are played at the same place.

 Its facilities include 12 indoor hard courts, a bar and restaurant with a large food and beverage selection, tennis shop with restringing service. The terrace is open for a sunbath.

 Fitness and sauna.

Centre Sportif Arthur Ashe

156, rue de la Nouvelle-France

Tél. 01 71 86 28 50

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By public transport


Take one of these bus lines :


– 122, stop at “Nouvelle France”. You can take the bus at:

            * “Croix de Chavaux” (metro line 9), then 9 bus stops,

            * “Val de Fontenay” (RER A, RER E) then 12 bus stops,

            * “Gallieni” (metro line 3) then 18 bus stops.


– 127, stop at “Grands Pêchers”. You can take the bus at Croix de Chavaux (metro line 9), then 8 bus stops.


– 301, stop at “Grands Pêchers”. You can take the bus at:

            * “Val de Fontenay” (RER A, RER E) then 9 bus stops,

            * “Bobigny Pablo Picasso” (metro line 5) then 21 bus stops.


(2 minutes walk from each bus stop)



By car:


From Porte De Bagnolet, drive through Bagnolet by A3, then take the A186, enter Montreuil, and take Rue de la Nouvelle France (5-10 minutes by car).


Map :,6.11309,2.46517,48.86181/Z14/